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Our Profile

When implementing an international business solution, it is crucial to adopt the best structure that achieves the goals of the business and allows competitive positioning in the global marketplace. Our professionals have years of experience in the development of strategies and solutions for assisting you in structuring you’re international business in a way that will improve the success of the businesses that we accept to work with.

Thus, consulting to keep up with globalization is an increasingly complex profession and requires a great deal of expertise to advise on international solutions. We offer an integrated approach for our clients to improve their positions and become more competitive.


ICOFIN USA was created over twenty years ago by top accountants and Ph.D.s in the professions of Accounting, Taxation and Finance. We strive to be the best international accounting and consulting firm in the market today, and hope to be your strategic partner in the USA. We are the only firm that provides a satisfaction guarantee with our services, backed by insurance bonding, and personal capital.