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Icofin SA

Ascona (Switzerland)

Services From Switzerland Include:

  • Corporate and business consultancy concerning companies under Swiss, American, or British law.

  • Business restructuring, reorganization, and administration of human resources.

  • Swiss and foreign fiscal consultancy, in consultation with fiscal advisors and companies of fiscal consultancy operating in different countries.

  • Management accounting of Swiss and foreign companies, V.A.T. returns

  • Contractual, financial, and commercial consultancy, promoted with the aid of notaries, solicitors, financial institutions, and Swiss and foreign traders.

  • Operating consultancy for the starting and restructuring business.

  • Assistance in the feasibility and the carrying out of purchase projects and closure of businesses.

  • Incorporation, transformation, and merging of Swiss companies.

  • Reception of company mandates.

  • Domiciliation and company administration.

  • Assistance and consultancy for the obtaining of work and residence permits from the relevant authorities.

  • Import/export clearance.

  • Company and branch valuation.

  • Currency advice, assets administration and management in collaboration with credit institutions in Switzerland and abroad.